I’m the owner and captain of the SAONA. I was on the way to graduate in Law, but I realized just in time that my place was far from an office. So in 2017, I left my studies, my apartment in Berlin, and a job that made me happy to cross the Atlantic by sailboat. During the journey, I fell even more in love with the sea and the simplicity of life on board. Finally, in January 2019, after sailing on other boats, I was able to fulfill the dream of having my own sailboat, the SAONA. Since then, I live on and for the boat. When I’m not sailing with the SAONA, you’ll probably find me working on a catamaran. I adore nature, and that’s why I try to bring it closer to all my crews.

As for my experience at sea, I have two Atlantic crossings under my belt, as well as various journeys through the Mediterranean, most of them solo. I am a Spanish licenced Professional Skipper.

I’ll be very happy to share with you my experience and passion for sailing, nature, and marine life.


Está enrolado como Primer Oficial, aunque las malas lenguas dicen que no tiene titulación alguna. Duerme durante el día y las noches las pasa en cubierta haciendo guardia.

Originario de Manacor, empezó a navegar a los tres meses de edad, haciendo la travesía Mallorca – Sant Carles de la Ràpita. Desde entonces vive todo el año en el barco.

Le gusta todo lo que tenga hueso o espinas y que lo acaricien pero no mucho.