After many (too many) summers sailing the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, in 2022 the crew of SAONA unanimously decided to leave the comfort zone and explore new horizons. Ibiza not only seemed too small to us but also increasingly invaded by hostile elements that year after year erode the essence of the island a little more.

Seeking nature and the longed-for calm, we discovered Menorca, which captivated us. We also sailed again around Mallorca, with its incredible corners that we would never be tired of. Both islands offer impressive anchorages surrounded by the purest nature. Every corner of the islands has a special charm, imposing cliffs, breathtaking caves, and picturesque villages that deserve to be explored.

When we bought SAONA, it was with the excitement of someday circumnavigating the globe. Since then, despite the setbacks, this dream has always been present. Now, as we sail through the waters of the Mediterranean, every day we get a little closer to making the dream of crossing the Atlantic a reality.

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